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Scholarly Works. Authors Lori A. Repository Citation Lori A. Find in your library. Included in Courts Commons , Judges Commons. Search Enter search terms:. Digital Commons. Brennan, Jr.

The Warren Court: A Retrospective begins with an examination of the Courts decisions in a variety of different fields, such as equal protection, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and criminal law. The work continues with The Justices, an intimate look at the principal protagonists in the Courts operation.

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Connecticut decision, the Warren Court affirmed that personal privacy, though not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, is a right granted by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. During the first six months of , nine states pressed the boundaries of Roe v.

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Wade by enacting early abortion bans outlawing abortions when performed after a certain point early in the pregnancy. Legal challenges to these laws will linger in the courts for years.

The Warren Court: Its Impact and Importance

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Robert Longley is a U. He has written for ThoughtCo since Updated August 13, Today, the Warren Court is considered one of the two most important periods in the history of American constitutional law.

The Warren Court – 50 Year Retrospective – Sacramento, CA

As Chief Justice, Warren applied his political abilities to guide the court to reaching often controversial decisions that dramatically expanded civil rights and liberties, as well as judicial power. The Warren Court effectively ended racial segregation in U. Sources and Further Reference. Schwartz, Bernard ISBN Fallon, Richard H. Belknap, Michal R.

Carter, Robert L.

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